Where We Go

Jamaica  •  South Africa  •  USA

In Jamaica, the program operates out of One Love’s organic farm and learning center based at Hammerstein Highland House (HHH) in Montego Bay, in partnership with several primary and basic schools in Hanover and St. James Parishes. The program serves the school’s student body as well as children from the community surrounding HHH. The Foundation also runs sister programs in Atlanta, GA, USA and Cape Town, South Africa.


Organic gardening is a key component of our work.

One Love ’s organic farm provides the children with a nutritious diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, while also serving as an outdoor classroom for the environmental education program. Here, primary school-age children learn about farming and conservation, developing a sense of environmental stewardship. A complementary music program fosters positive self-expression and sound self-esteem.

In South Africa, before One Love came to the Cavalleria School, the students’ diets consisted of rice and soy products on a daily basis with no fresh fruit or vegetables.  The One Love Garden now produces supplementary fresh fruits and vegetables daily for 600 students. The added nutrition had a profound effect. In the space of just four years, Cavalleria Primary dramatically increased its numeracy pass rate from 2.9 percent to 44.7 percent.  (You can read the news story about this amazing transformation here.)