Our Philosophy

You don’t have to be isolated to suffer from separateness, take time to see and honor your connections and value your place in the whole.

Our work at OLLF embraces a philosophy of unity: we believe that students interacting across cultures and continents emphasizes their oneness, brings them closer together, and expands their vision of what their role in the world can be.

Our signature program is called “Each One Teach One.”  Our students are provided with opportunities for a cultural exchange and international peer-to-peer mentorship through our telecommunication learning centers.

Through the “Each One Teach One” exchange, the children communicate with each other, asking questions about life in other countries and coming to better understand the world around them.  They learn what makes other cultures unique as well as what unites them.

The children learn to give and receive from others and appreciate their peers, creating bonds of understanding and peace across the globe.