A New World in the Making

The children served by the our programs grow up in poverty, where the most common role models are athletes and entertainers, or drug dealers, gang leaders, and criminals. Neither extreme presents positive and realistic life choices for the children to emulate. The One Love learning Foundation seeks to open up a whole new world to these children, feeding them in body, mind and soul through gardening, cultural exchange, and arts programs.

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Soil. Soul. Society.

By lifting up, strengthening, and educating the children we empower them to see beyond their immediate circumstances, dreaming big dreams and growing up to achieve them. They will become teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, nurses, engineers: the citizens and leaders that their communities so desperately need. The work of the One Love Learning Foundation enriches their individual lives, but it also equips them to be the seed of transformative social change. With your support of this work, you can join us in opening the door to their dreams and ambitions, creating a better tomorrow for our global village.

Our three main goals:

  • Promoting the healthy growth, nutrition, and well-being of underprivileged children. Teaching these children to be stewards of the earth and to give back to their communities.
  • Developing a sense of community and teamwork as they rehearse performances for their peers overseas while furthering the discovery of creative expression and joy.
  • Leveraging the power of education and the arts to build international community, thus promoting global peace, prosperity and understanding.

OLLF supports schools in South Africa, Jamaica, and the US with programs that range from music to organic farming. While we are enormously proud of the contribution our projects have made, we aren’t even close to being done.

Our Mission.

Our Mission can be further understood by our focus on Soil, Soul, and Society.



By teaching children to nurture the soil and care for their natural environment, the Foundation equips them with the skills to meet their basic nutritional needs. Through the garden program, the children participate in growing their own food, which is then prepared and served for lunch. And without hunger gnawing at their bellies, the children are able to apply their minds and energies to the important work of learning. Furthermore, they come to appreciate the interrelationships between the earth, plants, animals and people, absorbing with the values of stewardship and sustainability.



Through the music program, children build self-confidence as they learn to drum, dance, and sing together. They discover the joy of creative self-expression while developing a sense of community and teamwork as they rehearse performances for their peers overseas. Research confirms that music and the arts are integral to a child’s cognitive and social development, meaning that the children are building life skills as they are expressing their creativity.



Finally, through the exchange, the children communicate with each other, asking questions about life in other countries and coming to better understand the world around them– what makes them unique as well as what unites them. Appreciating diversity, while celebrating unity. In performing their art together and for each other, the children learn to give and receive from others and appreciate their peers, creating bonds of understanding and peace across cultures and across the globe.